Yoruba Study Group of Detroit

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November 30, 2014 the Yoruba Study Group of Detroit will begin our Ifa/Orisa educational studies. These courses are $25 per session or $100 for all 7 courses. The courses will be bi-weekly to allow adequate independent study time for students.

The courses are as follows:

I. Ancestral Reverence (11-30-14)

II. Introduction to Divination (12-14-14)

III. The Orisa & Irunmole (12-28-14)

IV. Who are the Yoruba? (1-11-15)

V. Orin Orisa-Praise songs for selected heads (1-25-15)

VI. Rituals (2-8-15)

VII. What new practitioners should know (2-22-15)

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Yoruba Study Group of Detroit Courses

All courses will be held at 11000 W. McNichols (6 mile) & Meyers, Room 222.

  • 5pm-7pm (times may vary according to length of discussion)
  • Some courses may be added, changed or omitted.
  • Study/course packets will only be given to students who have paid for the courses.

Courses taught by Baba Kefentse

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