Why is the Number 7 So Special

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Exploring the Symbolism of the Number 7

The number 7 is a wonderful number that has many, many correspondences and meanings. One could go on for days about the number.

Numbers in and of themselves represent “vibrations”, sounds and concepts


The number 7 contains 2 very spiritual numbers, 3 and 4 (3+4=7)

The number 3 is the number vibration of “spirit”. Of the holy Trinity or the “complete divine idea”. 3 represents the Father, Son and Holy Ghost (Mother). 3 stands for “understanding, overstanding, innerstanding” and also (1) Knowledge, (2) Wisdom and (3) Understanding.

The number 3 is a “masculine” number and is represented by the upward pointing triangle (phallic in nature).

The number 4, the other constituent part of the number 7 is the number vibration of Law, Rules and Elements.

The 4 is the “Square”, the foundation.

To use the metaphor from the number 3 of having a Father, Mother and Son (child) as a complete unit; then the number 4 signifies the rules and regulations that parents impose upon their child to help him grow “upright”.

To “stand upon your square” (4) is to stand upon the solidness of foundational teachings (whatever they may be)

The number 4 is a feminine number and it represents the divine elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water, the building blocks of the world.


To put the numbers 3 and 4 together to form 7, you have the divine God/Goddess (Knowledge, Wisdom and Understanding) putting together the foundational Elements (Earth, Air, Fire, Water) to bring to COMPLETION the creative impulse of the ONE/Unity/Father (One means “Father” and “Creative Idea”)

If you add up all the numbers 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 you will get the number 28 which vibrates down to the number 10, which means; UNITY. If you vibrate the number down even further to the “1”, you are back at the original creative Idea or spark, back to the divine “Father” if you will.

So those are just a few of the deeper reasons why the number “7” is such a holy and divine numbers.

Let me note that there are MANY more reasons why the number “7” is special… but hopefully these few concepts will whet your appetite to take a much closer look at not just this number, but numbers in general.


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Peace Fam!