Trapped in the Abyss

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I keep seeing people posting these pics like the artist who designed them was trying to pay respect to the slave trade or do us a favor! Nothing could be further from the truth.

The man who sculpted these said that this is NOT a homage to slaves. The artist name is Jason DeCaires Taylor. The web address for this project is here:



An Introduction to Sympathetic Magic (Resonance)

I am always very disturbed when I see these pictures, because this underwater artwork is actually an Occult Ritual, a form of RITUALISTIC SYMPATHETIC MAGIC to keep peoples hearts and minds sunk into the abyss, forever shackled, forever immobile, STUCK.

According to the Dictionary of the Esoteric, the meaning of Sympathetic Magic is: “…the concept of ‘like affecting like’ – a principle often found in magical ceremonies – owed its meaning to the concept of a magical “sympathy” between two objects, or beings, separated by distance. The act of mimicry through ritual served to produce a cause-and-effect relationship, thus making magical acts apparently ‘effective’.”

If you SYMPATHETIC MAGIC is in layman’s terms I will give you a very easy example to understand. Think of the clich√© of the VOODOO DOLL in movies. A person makes an effigy of a person, and either makes it to look like them or puts something associated with the person on the doll. They then do things (usually negative) to the doll in an attempt to make things happen to the real person.

This type of magic (sympathetic magic) is based on intention and energy. What are the intentions of the magician and how much energy they put into their ritual. Can you imagine how much energy and effort went into creating these people (whose eyes are always closed, which is very symbolic of being alive but asleep), then sailing them and sinking them? That’s a lot of energy!

Trapped in the Abyss-Part-02

My gut, my experience and my knowledge of the OCCULT is telling me that this is not as it seems. I can say for certain that this is NOT an homage or a memorial to enslaved people – its a ritualistic tossing into the abyss… FOREVER!

The Vicissitudes of Daily Life

The name of the main sculpture that is located in Moilinere Bay Granada is called Vicissitudes. According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary the definition for this word is – a difficulty or hardship attendant on a way of life, a career, or a course of action and usually beyond one’s control, a favorable or unfavorable event or situation that occurs by chance :¬† a fluctuation of state or condition.

So allow me to put all that in layman’s terms; basically “vicissitudes” means that people who have a certain way of life are having a hard time because of situations beyond their control or misfortune. Hmmmm? Sound like anyone you know?


I am not claiming to know for sure what the true intentions of the artist are for certain.

If I’m wrong about this situation, I’ll leave that for the reader to decide. My goal is to expose and bring awareness to these underwater sculptures from an occult perspective; so people can stop blindly celebrating this work as something it’s not – for when you do, you inadvertently give power to it.

For those who know the power of ritual and sympathetic magic, this is a big one!

I can’t celebrate this. I’m only saddened that someone would carry this out, and that there are people with nefarious agendas out there would pay to have this done on such a grand scale.

I implore you to look at some of the artist’s other works! ( Jason DeCaires Taylor) Those people are trapped in motion!

Please look “deeper”

As a people, we once understood that images meant a whole lot more than mere words. Ever heard the saying that “an image speaks a thousand words?” Then look at these images again. Take a good, long, hard look at them. And tell me what you think a group of Africans tossed into the sea, with their eyes closed and barnacles and coral growing off of them really means?

Think on it!

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