The First Americans Were Africans

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Everyone has heard the story of how Africans were brutally transported against their will’s from the shores of Africa, and brought to America and enslaved. For as long as I can remember the only story told of how Africans got to America was a terribly sad tale of enslavement. But what if I told you that there were Africans in the Americas that got here BEFORE the time of slavery? What if I told you that there was evidence that the African presence in America goes back for thousands if not tens of thousands of years before a slave ship was ever built? What if I told you that the first Americans were Africans, and that there is documented proof? How would that change your view of history and what it means to you and your people?

Dr. David Imhotep Ph.D has put together an extremely accurate and thorough body of research and written a book entitled “The First Americans Were Africans – Documented Evidence” which proves the fact that there were Africans in and around the Americas for thousands of years BEFORE slavery.

To say that the information unveiled in this book is life changing is not giving the author enough credit. Dr. David Imhotep has painstakingly put together historical, linguistic and archeological evidence that clearly shows not one, but several African peoples lived in the Americas—and not just as hunter gatherers, but as the ancient mound builders, the builders of pyramids, artisans, black-smiths and much more!

Standing On the Shoulders of Greatness!

If you have ever studied the works of Dr. Ivan Van Sertima, J.A. Rogers, or David MacRitchie you will find that Dr. Imhotep’s work builds brilliantly on the foundation of research, writing and reporting that they laid, and also fills in many of the gaps they left unfilled, by using the most up to date research, archeological techniques and DNA records, that show how the people from Africa migrated from the Motherland to various points throughout the world with relative ease.

While filled with detailed research, you will find “The First Americans Were Africans” to be very enjoyable to read as Dr. Imhotep proves himself to be a skilled educator, able to break down complicated terms and concepts so that a person who is not an expert can understand and benefit from his work.

Valuable Tool For Students

With Black History month coming up this would be an excellent book to get your young children and students to use as source material for writing some reports that are sure to raise the eyebrows of their teachers and peers, but fear not, because with this book and the resources within it, they will have “documented evidence” to back up their reports!

This book is not just highly recommended it is a MUST HAVE for every African American household! This is the kind of work that we must support if we want the story of our people to continue to be revealed in accurate and amazing ways in the future.

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The First Americans Were Africans


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