Scholar List

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These scholars have been bringing the truth to light for a long time. All respect due!

Please take some time to research these scholars and their body of work. What you find will open your eyes and your heart.

  • Dr. Ivan Van Sertima – Ancient/African Historian, American Pre-History Studies
  • Dr. Josef Ben Jocanan – Ancient/African Historian, Egyptology
  • Dr. John Henrick Clark – Ancient/African Historian, Egyptology
  • Dr. Frances Cress Welsing – Health, Mental Health, Symbology
  • J.A. Rogers – Africans in Europe, Ethnocentric study
  • Dr. David Imhotep – The First Americans Were Africans: Documented Evidence
  • Dr. Richard King – The study and science of Melanin
  • George G.M. James – African orgins of philosophy and liberal arts
  • Bobby Hemmitt – Metaphysics, Occult, Estoric, Ancient History
  • Brother Panic – Metaphysics, Occult, Mythology, Magic
  • Dr. Phil Valentine – Metaphysics, Mental and Physical Health
  • Dr. Delbert Blair – Metaphysics, Ancient History
  • Dr. Jewel Pookrum – Melanin and Health
  • Dr. Llaila Africa – Health, Mental Healths and Wellbeing
  • Dr. Richard King – Melanin and Health
  • Dr. Booker T. Coleman (Kaba Kemene) – Educator, Afrocentric curriculum development, Melanin
  • Dr. Cheik Anta Diop – The African Origin of civilization
  • C Freeman El – Moorish Science, Zodiac, Esoteric
  • Omari Miles El – Ancient African/American History, Esoteric
  • Sabir Bey – Moorish Law, Jurisprudence
  • Ashra Kwesi – Esoteric Religion, Egyptology, Masonic History
  • Michael Cremo – Ancient Hidden Archeology
  • Asa Hilliard – The African Origin of civilization