Of Kings and Queens & Gods and Goddesses

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Today I read a post from some guy on social media about why are black conscious people always calling each other “King” and “Queen” and “God” and “Goddess”? He pointed out that many of the descendants of the people who came to be enslaved in America were most probably from west Africa and were not royalty but indeed lower class, workers, farmers and the like.

Just keeping it real, many of us are descendants of ancestors of tribes on the coast of western Africa. From there the first of our ancestors who were took away were likely farmers, indentured servants, and lower class second class like people. Even amongst conscious folks there’s this reductionist analysis that tells us we are all kings and queens and were all gods , I get it, we need the empowerment, but I don’t think that means disavow history.

We weren’t all kings and queens and we should be alright with it.

His post struck a cord with me because it is not the first time I’ve heard this sentiment either in writing or being spoken. And while I know where the brother was coming from, I still find his posits and statements to be missing the point.

The point is this; to believe in ones inherent nobility and God(dess) consciousness in not a disavowal of history so much as an affirmation of self determination to be great physically, mentally and spiritually.

I often wonder what could be more important than learning about the power that sleeps inside of each of us and how to activate it? Study has revealed that the puzzle of the God(dess) consciousness is one that all of our people should not only be concerned with, but actively engaged in the process of stirring from its slumber.

The myths and spiritual practices of all indigenous people from Africa to the Americas, from kings and queens to farmers and hunters ultimately has to do with one thing, and one thing only, how do we as women and men consciously participate in raising our consciousness and spiritual vibration to the level of God(dess) and beyond.

I often wonder at people that bristle at the usage of the words “King” and “Queen” for the purposes of “Self Esteem Boosting”.

Anyone that has studied success principles of any sort knows that in order to be successful as an individual (this applies to group dynamics as well, as in race) you need to start with high self esteem.

If one does not have self esteem they can never believe themselves either capable or worthy of doing great things or having great success in life and that is a fact.

So while I agree with the fact that we were not now, nor have ever been all Kings and Queens down to the last man, woman and child; it is very important for us to know our legacy of greatness as a people and to know what is possible for one is possible for others.

Further if you learn to strip away the false information about African/Indigenous Kings and Queens, Gods and Goddesses you will learn that our own traditional understanding makes way for us as a collective to participate in the nature of the power of divinity both in the Cosmos and here on Earth.

Bottom line, to be successful spiritually and materially it is necessary to believe and know that we are great! Even if not one of your personal ancestors was ever a King or Queen, you still have the ability to rise in power to the stature and fullness of a King or a Goddess and beyond.

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