Numerology Presentation

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Numerology: The Science and Art of Numbers Presentation

“The universe may be a mystery, but it’s not a secret. Each of us is capable of comprehending much more than we might realize. A vision of mathematics different from that which we were taught at school holds an accessible key to a nearby world of wonder and beauty.” – Michael S Schneider

Come and learn the secrets of NUMBERS that they will NEVER teach you in school!

Esoteric Numerology, Numbers and your life. In this presentation you will learn the symbolic secrets of numbers and the numerical vibrations of letters, Sacred geometry, and much much more!

You will learn how to tap into the special power of numbers. You will also learn how to determine the numerical vibration of your name and your birthday and what that means, additionally; you will learn how you can unlock the hidden power of numbers in your life.

More weapons (tools) for your arsenal to de-code this matrix of illusion!


The presentation is FREE and open to the public. (Donations kindly accepted) Child friendly event!

Presentation given by Keith D. Young HERO

Date: Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Time: 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Location: Royal Oak Rec. Center in Ferndale Michigan – 21272 Mendota (Two blocks north of 8 Mile and one block east of Wyoming)


Numerology Presentation Flyer

This is a Keith Young HERO – Afro Perspectives Presentation done in cooperation with the Kemetic Youth Foundation (