Esoteric Decode of the Anime REDLINE

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Redline – Esoteric Movie Decode

The anime movie “Redline” is chock full of cool images and mysterious symbolism. If you are a fan of decoding movies like I am, you’re going to love this article.

Before we get started, here’s a little video to get you warmed up!

Most movies are easy to figure out once you discover what spiritual system of progression they are using.

The main point of any story is about how the hero finds and overcomes obstacles for the one of three things:

  1. The World/Universe
  2. The People
  3. Himself

Sometimes the hero’s motives can be for a variety of the above, but ultimately every movie is about the spiritual progression or evolution of the main character (Hero).

The primary spiritual system of progression used in the movie REDLINE is that of the Chakras.


Background Info

Chakras are spiritual energy centers that are inside of every human being. These energy centers are said to be swirling vortexes of light that open and close like lotus flowers. In the most basic system there are 7 Chakras that start at your feet and run to just over the top of your head.

Each Chakra is connected to a different area of your emotions and spiritual development. Each Chakra also corresponds to one of the 7 colors of the rainbow.

The Chakras in order are:

  1. Muladhara – Root – Red
  2. Svadishthana – Sacral – Orange
  3. Manipura – Solar Plexus – Yellow
  4. Anahata – Heart – Green
  5. Visuddha – Throat – Blue
  6. Ajna – Pineal/Third Eye – Indigo/Violet
  7. Sahasrara – Crown – Indigo/Pink/White

The super simple way to understand Chakras is that your Root Chakra is the base, the root, the bottom, your connection to the Earth. While the crown Chakra is the “height,” the top, Heaven, your connection to the divine within.

The idea is that you can raise your consciousness from the root or the material realm, to the divine, heavenly realm. Or to put it more simply, you begin your development at the bottom and go up from there.

Movie Correspondence

In the movie redline we find our main character “Sweet JP” in a race on a dog world (home of Anpu/Anubis, Neter – the spirit guide of the dead) and he is in 7th place. The fact that Sweet JP is in 7th place is your second clue that “REDLINE” is using a Chakra theme to tell its story on a symbolic/spiritual level. Your first clue is actually the name of the movie “REDLINE”. There are 7 Chakras, and JP is in the 7th place.

JP is driving a yellow car, which corresponds to the solar plexus Chakra which is responsible for will power, courage and wisdom. The name of the race he is in is the “Yellow Line Race”. It was mentioned in the movie that he had raced in the “Blue Line Race” just before the race the movie begins with.


JP’s hair is shaped like a phallus or lingam or a fish. In ancient Mesopotamia and Africa the people believed in a divine being named Dagon who had the head of a fish and the body of a man. The ancient Egyptians (Kamites) and even modern day Catholic Popes wear hats shaped like the head of a fish which represents the “Christ” or divine masculine energy. The lingam is the symbol of Shiva in the Hindu belief system. Shiva however is not complete without his Goddess energy or Shakti. Shakti represents the divine Yoni or vagina. We’ll get back to this point a little bit later.

If you take a look at a Chakra chart, you will see that the blue Chakra is “above” the yellow Chakra and that is above the red Chakra, so based on the story JP has been working his way down the Chakras.

Why would JP be working his way down the Chakras if the point of progression was to raise your consciousness through the Chakras or go higher? To understand I’ll give you the example of a bouncing ball. If you drop a rubber ball it will bounce back up into the air. The further down the ball has to go the higher it will bounce back up, if you throw the ball down extremely hard it will bounce back higher still.

This is very similar to the route that JP is taking to make his way out of the Chakras and into the divine crown Chakra. He has to go all the way down in order to race back to the top. The NOS (Nitrous Oxide) tabs that JP was dropping into his vehicle (his body) in order to go faster can be seen as the application of additional force to make it to the next realm.



JP’s mechanic friend “Frisby” is green and he is wearing a green suit the first time that we see him, which means that Frisby corresponds to the Green Heart Chakra Its because of Frisby that JP looses the Yellow Line race because Frisby sabotages him.

On a symbolic level JP has the WILL (Yellow) to win but not the HEART (Green). The willpower of JP can be seen as he strains with everything he has in order to attempt to win the race. Blood vessels in his eyes rupture, his nose begins to bleed, but his heart just won’t let him win.

Remember, even though Frisby is another character in the animation he is symbolically an aspect of JP’s consciousness.

CherryBoy Hunter

redline anime wallpaper

Cherryboy Hunter Crab Sonoshi is the love interest of Sweet JP. She represents his missing feminine energy, his Shakti, his Sophia. JP needs to hook up with Sonashi so that he’ll be complete and progress fully into the realm of the divine.

On an esoteric level a person needs to have their masculine and feminine natures in harmony or “Ma’at” in order to be truly complete. The lingam, Sweet JP and the yoni, Sonashi, need to get together.

A “cherry” is red. So Cherryboy Hunter is hunting for a man in the root red Chakra. In the movie she actually ignores JP until he makes it into the Red Line race.

When Sonashi and JP first meet he says, “Allow me to introduce myself, I’m JP” to which Sonashi replies “Jesus”. There is another clue. JP is the savior or Christ of the Anime. To be the “Christ” is to be the way, the truth and the light, or to put it more simply, the way out of humanity and back to the divine.


Roboworld represents the cool and calculating intellect or purely masculine energy. The intellect that can only think and express itself in facts, figures, numbers and violence, with no thought to the more creative, intuitive world of the divine.

So the president of Roboworld is actively seeking to keep JP and all of the other racers from racing on his “world”. Which means that the intellect is not willing to tolerate the spiritual development of the consciousness.

Once the race is set the finish line is created magically at the highest tower on Roboworld. This is a race to the crown Chakra pure and simple.

Funky Boy represented the childish, immature, beast nature that is very powerful but extremely destructive to himself and all those around him.

The Racers

Each racer represents a different aspect of JP’s mind. The thing about opposition in movie and in life… on a mundane level people think that opposition to their goals is a bad thing, when in reality on a spiritual level, the opposition you face is actually helping to make you stronger, helping you to move faster and to remain focused on your goal.

In the movie Redline JP was trying to beat the other racers to make it to the top. If you’ll remember, at the end of the movie all of the other racers were actually happy and satisfied that JP had won. JP’s opposing racers turned out to be accomplices in his spiritual growth and development.

Even JP’s friend Frisby who represented JP’s heart was willing to die in order to see his friend JP win the Redline race. This is represented as the heart giving permission for JP to proceed to the higher realms. (You’ll notice that this change of heart did not occur until after JP rescued Sonashi and she got in the car with him.)


As JP and Sonashi got close to the finish line together, he tells Metalhead (who represented the pineal gland, and melanin) that he has a goddess at his side and he cannot loose!

There was so much symbolism in this movie you could spend quite a bit of time going over it. There is a ton of stuff that I skipped over.

A great exercise would be to go back and watch the movie to see if you can find the things I pointed out in this movie and if you can find something’s that I neglected to mention.

I’ll even get you started with a question; what do you think that the man with the golden hair and the two babes that JP saw in a vision 2 times, once when he lost and the other time when he was about to win, represented?

In order to expand your consciousness and learn about the esoteric symbols I pointed out in this article you will want to study items mentioned below.

Studying these things will allow you to not only learn how to decode movies on an esoteric level for yourself, but will also help you to find the pathway to your own spiritual development.


P.S. If you have not seen this movie you can still watch it on Youtube for free.

Keith D. Young – Soul Detective and Professor

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