Dirty Little Secrets

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Dirty Little Secrets About Black History: Its Heroes and Other Troublemakers by Dr. Claud Anderson Ed. D.

Dirty Little Secrets by Dr. Claud Anderson Ed. D. is a information packed book that uncovers a lot of historical and cultural facts about Africans, and Native Americans (black and red), and our experiences before and after European colonialism, that may have slipped through the cracks of history had it not been for the investigative research of Claud Anderson.

There are literally hundreds of interesting, yet little known, tid-bits of information the author was able to uncover that was buried in various laws, bills of sales, newspaper reports, letters and personal diaries of the past, about slave revolts, successful African business men and women, heroes, heroines, freedom fighters, and conspiracies to keep education and literacy from Africa, Africans and her descendents around the world.

The author, Dr. Claud Anderson, says that the purpose of his book ‘…is to unearth and expose some of the ‘Dirty Little Secrets’ hidden in the darkness of history.’

Laws Created to Hinder Black Achievement?

Among many other things, this book exposes some startling facts about several laws and policies that were designed to slam the door on black achievement, enlightenment and literacy around the world. For example did you know that in 1517 Spain enacted the Asiento de Negroes (Negroes Enslavement Contract) which denied education and reading instruction for enslaved Africans and that similar legislation was soon to follow in America, or that Howard University which was founded in 1867, had the purpose of only educating the mulatto offspring of White Congressmen, the so-called “elite” blacks?

A New Light on Black Achievement

Not only does this book shed light on various plots and conspiracies but it also does a great job of revealing many unknown black accomplishments and success stories such as the story of Thomas L. Jennings, who was the first black man in America to be issued a patent for an invention, and as a result of his invention he was able to establish a dry cleaning a tailoring business in New York City in the early 1800’s!

Dirty Little Secrets does a great job of packing a ton of great information into a small space. The chapters are broken down into bite size chunks that make searching for and reading the information easy.

The historical facts in this book are a wake up call for all who were taught that black history begins with slavery, and will open your mind to many stories of accomplishments and struggles of our great people!

Dirty Little Secrets confirms the old adage that “everything hidden will be revealed.” As history books go, this is another “must have!”

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Dirty Little Secrets About Black History – Its Heroes & Other Troublemakers


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