Chakra Presentation Follow Up

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I’d like to thank everyone who attended my Chakra Presentation!

I’d like to thank the Royal Oak Rec. Center and the Kemetic Youth Foundation for allowing me the use of their space to give my presentations.

The class continues to grow and we had several new faces!

For those of you who missed the presentation here is a brief summary of what was covered.

Chakra Presentation Flyer

Chakra Presentation by HERO Keith D Young


  • What are Chakras?
  • What is Prana? How does it work to energize your Chakras?
  • The Complete Subtle Body Energy System
  • How to know if your Chakras are out of Balance
  • How the Endocrine System works with your Chakras
  • Techniques for exercising your Chakra awareness
  • Healing your Chakras with Crystals
  • Meditation techniques for Chakra awareness
  • Mantras (Words of Healing and Power) for harmonizing your Chakras
  • How to Balance your Chakras through using:
    • Meditation
    • Sound
    • Aromatherapy
    • Exercise
    • Self Analysis
    • Altar Work
    • Affirmations
  • How to recognize Chakra symbolism in Books, Fairy Tales, Movies, Television and Commercials

Reference Books

  • The Book of Chakra Healing
    – Liz Simpson
  • Exploring Chakras
    – Susan & Shumsky
  • The Chakra Workbook
    – Anna Voigt


For presentation DVDs, more information about the presentations that I offer or to contact me about booking a lecture for your group, school or non-profit you can contact me at:

Next Presentation: The Science of Melanin

Date: January 21, 2015 at the Royal Oak Rec. Center 21272 Mendota – Ferndale, MI

In the SCIENCE OF MELANIN lecture by Keith D. Young (HERO) you will learn about Melanin, what it is and how it works.

You will learn the basic properties of this substance and why it is important to growth and development.

You will learn how melanin absorbs energy from the sun and turns light into energy.

You will also learn why Melanin causes melanin dominant people to be more susceptible to drugs, alcohol and addiction.

Finally you will learn how to nourish and stimulate your melanin and how it can help you to raise your consciousness to new heights!