C Freeman EL Divine Man Chart

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Presented below is the C Freeman EL Divine Man chart.

This chart is a reconstruction and elaboration on a chart that was originally put together as a labor of love by the great and noble brother C Freeman EL.
The chart was designed to decode and show correspondences to the symbolism of Moorish Science, Christianity, Islam, Judaism and many other spiritual systems to the human body. With the idea that studying all spiritual systems is ultimately the study of self and in accordance with the ancient African axiom “Man Know Thyself – And You Shall Know The Gods and the Universe!”


Below is a brief breakdown of some of the symbolism on the chart. For a more comprehensive breakdown I recommend that you study the work of C Freeman EL. Many of his videos are available on Youtube and I have posted many of the links to them below.

C Freeman EL spent much of his life in search of God. What he found was that the common threads of the inner teachings of every (esoteric) religious system inevitably lead to just one place – the God within.

C Freeman EL gave many classes, lectures and presentations that were recorded and have proved to be an invaluable resource in my own studies. You will find that many spiritual teachers, esotericists, occultists, gurus and masters count him amongst the pantheon of true “Master Teachers”.

This graphic is free for you to use and study. Please spread the knowledge to as many people as are on the path to enlightenment as you are. I share this in the spirit of C Freeman EL – a MAN (Master Able and Noble) from whom I have learned much.

Peace Fam!

Link to large C Freeman El Chart ——->HERE!

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