Black Goddess – Legacy of the Sacred Black Feminine Book

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I am pleased to announce commencement on the work of my new Coffee Table Book – Black Goddess: Legacy of the Sacred Black Feminine.

The purpose of the book is to illuminate the lost and destroyed spiritual legacy of the Black Goddess and the Goddesses relationship to women in general and “Black” Women in particular.

Black Goddess is a celebration of the spiritual legacy, culture and heritage of the original Goddess that will no longer be denied.

Keith Young is both the author and the illustrator of the book. When finished the book will be hardcover, perfect bound, 8.5 x 11, with full color illustrations and descriptions of each Goddess, complete with name, history, archetypes, spirit animal(s), colors and various other attributes and instructions for tapping into the power of the Goddess within.

The illustrations are a combination of traditional illustration along with Photoshop, Illustrator, Daz3D, Blender, and Lightwave.

This book is important because both the images and information this book will contain has the power to educate, enlighten and empower readers with the knowledge of the vast and ancient legacy of the Black Goddess who was, is, and will be the mother of life as we know it.



Book Title: Black Goddess: Legacy of the Sacred Black Feminine

Author: Keith D Young

Illustrator: Keith D Young

Format: 8.5 x 11, Hardcover, Glossy Pages

Project Completion Date: December 29th 2017

The book will be available on from my website – and other fine bookstores near you!



Keith D Young


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