Bible Decoded: No One is Coming to Save You!

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Last night (7/24/2015) I did a presentation on Decoding the Bible, and in lieu of the recent tragedies, police murders, mass shootings and instances of community violence that have befallen some of the men and women in our community most recently the murder of #SandraBland, I feel its time for me to share my most profound Bible Decode:

According to the Bible: No one is coming to save you. God sent you.

Let me repeat that.


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Malcolmxm1carbine3grThere are so many people out here crying out for peace, freedom, human dignity and justice; they are hoping that someone else is going to take up the banner and take action against all of the ills that plague us. Sorry. That’s NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!

You are going to have to save yourself. Get prepared. Do you know how to defend yourself? Do you know the laws of the land? What about ordinances? Your rights? Do you know how to stand your ground? Do your children?

If the answer is “No.” That’s ok… You can learn everything that you don’t know, and you can do it in an amazingly short period of time.

Take a martial arts class, learn how to fight. Take a firearms class, learn how to shoot. Learn the laws of your City/State/Country. Between the internet, libraries, community education courses, people offering classes both public and private and the like, you can find out information on any topic. Learn how to do anything – if you’re willing to put forth the effort.

If you refuse to learn on your own, if you don’t have time or resources, if you can’t figure out which way to go or what to do, you have no one to blame but yourself.

Are you afraid that a gunman is going to come into your church and shoot the place up? What are you going to do about it? Is your Pastor/Bishop/Minister preparing an emergency plan for the congregation? If not you need to get him or her to do so, with all due speed. If they won’t, do it yourself!

Does your family have an emergency plan. Do you have a place to meet in case something happens at your home? Do you have emergency contact numbers memorized in case you lose your phone? If you don’t, you should.

Neighborhood crime got you down? Organize a block club, rally the neighbors who are willing to work with you and clean up the mess yourself, and you can start today, right were you are, with your own home.

Take Control of Your Life and Your Circumstances

My point is: We are not victims. We can take control. There is something we can do about our circumstances and our reality. If we’d only be willing to take responsibility for ourselves and the things we CAN control, instead of focusing on all of the things that are out of our control.

Take the time to empower yourself by making preparations before tragedy strikes. This is the difference between being a victim and being a savior. The time to take action is NOW! The life you save may be your own! Don’t let the sacrifices and murders of our people be in vain. Learn from their situations. Study them, take notes; what would you do different? Are you prepared and capable of doing so? If not, what’s holding you up? Its time to abandon all excuses.

Yeah, it takes a lot of time and effort, hard work and resources, but I promise you, its worth it.



We have to abandon the religious/cultural programming that someone else is going to fix our problems for us.

Wall+Street+GreedThe fact of the matter is we live in a hostile, unjust world being run by maniacs and heartless profiteering, corporations. If you’re an African American, Moor, Hebrew Israelite, Afro Kemetic, Native American, AmerIndian living in America, you are living in occupied territory. Being run by conquerors, thieves, religious zealots, misfits and rapists (evidently around 1492 when Europe sent immigrants over to America, they weren’t sending their best (shot out to Donald Trump)). Expect opposition! Expect injustice! You’re going to get exactly as much freedom as you’re willing to fight for.

“Home of the free, land of the brave” has always been an illusion. At one time it may have been an ideal… but the reality is much different. We are in hostile territory folks. It is your responsibility as an individual to protect yourself, to defend your home and to educate yourself, to feed yourself and to create currency for yourself. The days of relying upon others is over. That was just another form of slavery anyway.

The biggest lie that has ever been told and believed is that eventually God, Yahweh, Jesus, Allah, Heru, someone, anyone else is going to come and save us from all the evil in the world.


For those of you who are stubborn and need some type of Biblical evidence for what I’ve stated, here it is – Philippians 2:12 – “Wherefore, my beloved, as ye have always obeyed, not as in my presence only, but now much more in my absence, work out your own salvation…”

Matrix Dont Think You AreI know this means you have to get off your couch and stop watching so much TV. I know this means you have to get off your computer, off of Facebook and Twitter, off your Smartphones and go and learn something; go take charge of your own lives and your own communities. Start teaching your children at home, plant your own garden, take some classes, etc. But circumstances are demanding that YOU take action! Or not. You CAN choose to be a victim all your life. It is your choice after all.Don’t go lay down at a demonstration as a part of some ridiculous “Die in!” Marching ain’t the answer either! Its time for a revolution of the self! Change YOUR LIFE and I promise you, you’ll be able to change the world!

You can argue, you can rationalize, you can continue to identify the problems; but if you never get to the solutions??? You are dead meat.


I love you and I’ll see you in the struggle… or not.

Rise and Free Yourself

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