African History BEFORE Slavery

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Your History Does Not Begin With Slavery


As a “black” man growing up in America I thought I knew the history of my people and America… I was wrong. In 2008 I began to hear the call of Africa, calling to me, challenging me to make my way back home.

I was talking to a friend about my desire to visit Africa and I was given a video lecture by Dr. Charles Finch. Not only did the information in his lecture blow my mind, it also lead me down a path of self discovery and revelation at the great and little known history of my people in America and from Africa.

Its 2012, and schools in America still teach that Christopher Columbus “discovered” America, and that all of the so called “black” people in America are the descendents of slaves… when nothing could be further from the truth.

This site has been created to share information and resources that can be used to help you to find out the truth about your African heritage, about our peoples contributions to culture and civilization throughout the world, and to help you find your way back home, in your heart and in your spirit.

Before The Western Slave Trade

Black History BEFORE the Time of Slavery. Lecture/Class covers ancient African, Egyptian, Olmec, Carthage, and Indigenous American History in an interactive multimedia presentation class given by HERO (Keith Young).

Also covered is how ancient African history has shown up in modern times as movies, comic books and other popular media, woven into the very fabric of modern society disguised as western culture – when in point of fact we are being entertained by ancient African concepts.

This 3 Hour lecture is jam packed with historical and esoteric information – designed for beginners and experts alike.

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