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AfroPerspectives presentation series is being held at the Jungle Juice Bar at 14929 Charlevoix Gross Pointe, MI.

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I have an entire library of my live presentations available at Vimeo.com/AfroPerspectives. Get yours now!

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What is Afro Perspectives?

We offer educational resources and lectures to groups, educational organizations, and non-profits. We also offer one on one consultations.

The Afro Perspectives lecture series helps today’s people of color to understand and make use of the history and wisdom of our ancient Afro-indigenous cultures throughout the diaspora.

The lecture presentations are shared in a compassionate, straight-forward manner. The goal is to spark intellects and imaginations to explore the great history of our people. Participants can expect a thorough presentation of the subject matter and numerous references and resources for continued self-study.

The lecture series builds upon itself by beginning with a sweeping overview of “Black History Before Slavery” and then narrowing the focus to various Afro-indigenous esoteric and metaphysical traditions, such as; Numerology, Symbology, Understanding Matriarchy, Meditation, Moorish History and much more!

Use the 'Presentation Calendar' button below to view the upcoming Afro Perspectives presentation calendar.

Personal Numerology and Romance Numerology Report Combo

The Personal Numerology and Romance Numerology Report Combo is a great tool for learning more about yourself and your loved one by revealing what your personal numbers have to say about your life and potential. In fact, numbers can help to reveal the truth about you in ways that nothing else can. If you’re interested in what numbers have to reveal about you and your life’s challenges and opportunities then you definitely want a custom Numerology Report made just for you! The Afro Perspectives Numerology Report unlocks the information contained in the numbers of your name and birthday. This report contains detailed information about your Life Path, Purpose, Karma, Personality and more, all uncovered in this comprehensive 25 page, personalized downloadable PDF Numerology report.

C Freeman El Starman Poster Available Now!

You can now order your very own copy of this powerful poster which signifies how various esoteric and metaphysics knowledge applies to the human both inside and out. This poster is a tool to assist you in the process of getting to know thyself. The chart decodes how Astrology, Various Religious and spiritual icons, acronyms and icons relate to Y.O.U. "Your Own Universe"